Do I have to be a member to play at The Summit?

Unless you are just visiting (in which case you can call us and we’ll help you get in to play), you’ll need a membership at The Summit. We offer four membership tiers that range in price from $0 (Yep! Zero!) to $89 per month to fit the amount you want to play.  So if you just want to play a little bit, or would like to try things out before making a commitment, you can sign up for the Bronze (free!) level, and upgrade your membership at any time.

How do I become a member?

Easy. Just download the free CourtReserve app to your phone or computer. You’ll select “Join Organization” on the login page, then you’ll choose The Summit. That will take you to a screen where you can fill out your sign up form. If you have any trouble, just ask us (in person or at 828-532-5442) and we’ll be glad to help!

Will my insurance pay for my membership at the Summit?

In some cases, YES! The Summit now partners with Silver & Fit AND Active & Fit. 

Call your insurance provider to find out whether your plan offers these benefits, or check the websites linked below to see what your particular plan covers.

Silver & Fit

To add The Summit as your Silver & Fit fitness facility, email grant.williams@thesummitpb.com with your 8 digit Silver & Fit Fitness ID. He may be able to set it up for you. Or, call 1-877-427-4788.

Active & Fit

Active and Fit doesn’t allow The Summit to enroll you, so instead call 1-877-771-2746 to add The Summit.

We are working on getting Silver Sneakers and Renew Active benefits as well, so get on our mailing list and we’ll announce those as soon as they are available.

Can I use my insurance-covered membership at more than one fitness facility?

Sometimes, but it depends on your insurer and your specific plan.

Silver & Fit

Call 1-877-427-4788 to find out more.

Active & Fit

Call 1-877-771-2746 to find out more.

We are adding more insurance-subsidized plans all the time, so get on our mailing list and we’ll announce them as the new ones come on board! 

What if I have a CourtReserve account with a different club?

Just log in to the CourtReserve app, then the following three steps should get you underway. Once you’re logged in, 1) tap on “More”, then 2) tap on “My organizations”, then 3) tap on “Add organization”. At that point you’ll be able to search for The Summit, and go from there!

What if a group of us are coming from out of town?

Whether you live here part-time, all the time, or are just visiting the High Country, we know you wanna play some pickleball. Give us a call and we’ll work something out for you!

What's the difference between Open Play and a Reservation?

Open Play is a designated two hour time period (we have several each day), when you can register and come play with a mix of other Open Play pickleballers. If you prefer to play exclusively with your own group on your own court, you’ll want a Reservation.

Do I have to make a reservation via Court Reserve?

No, you can call us at 828-532-5442 and we will book a Reservation or an Open Play session for you!

Do you have paddles available that anyone can use?

We do! You can rent one for $5 per session.

Do you sell pickleballs?

Yes! Pickleballs are $3 each.

Do you offer lessons?

Absolutely! We have Beginner Clinics if you want to learn to play, and we’ll be adding clinics and bootcamps for beginning players as well as for higher-level players soon. We also have private lessons available for all levels, and pickleball fitness classes too! Check out our “Happening This Week” page to see what’s on offer!

What's your cancellation / refund policy?

You may cancel for full refund up to

24 hours for a reservation
24 hours for clinics/private lessons
4 hours for drop-in leagues
Start time for open play

Any cancellations after these time periods or a no-show will result in a full charge. If there are special circumstances give us a call.

Credit card fees are really hard on us, so all refunds go back to your Court Reserve account instead of to your credit card.

These funds will be used before your credit card on file when signing up for any paid event.  For example: If you have $5 in your account and you sign up for a $5 event, the event will be paid from the money in your account, not your card on file.

Do you host birthday parties or other private events?

Sure do! Just give us a call at 828-532-5442 and we’ll work out all the details and get you set up!

I heard you have beer on tap. Is that true?

We do! Not only do we have draft beer, we have prosecco on tap too. (And snacks.) (And nice, big, soft armchairs.) We think it all adds just a little more fun to your pickleball passion!