High Country Ladder

Competitive matches with new friends, on your own schedule!

Introducing High Country Pickleball Ladder

If you’ve never played in a pickleball ladder league, you’re in for a treat. Here’s how it works. You sign up, and we place you on a rung with three other players close to your ability level. The four of you get together and you play games with each of the other three people in your rung.

You can play the standard three games in the round (one with each of the other three people in your rung), OR you might prefer to play best two out of three (again, with each of the other three people in your rung).

Here’s what the starting Ladder sheet would look like:

Ladder table example

Record your scores and send them to us. We’ll move the top two scoring players up one rung, and the bottom two players down one rung. Then we’ll send you the resulting new matchups, and everybody gets to play a new set of games.

THIS ladder will be unique in several ways.

  • It’s long term. There’s no start or end date.
  • It’s asynchronous. You play whenever it works for you. You’ll have a 2 week period to play your round.
  • It’s anywhere. Play at The Summit, the Rec Center, Miami Beach, or Mars, wherever the four of you can meet to play.

It’s $10/year to sign up, so tap HERE to send us an email and let us know you want in.

High Country Ladder FAQ

What is the High Country Pickleball Ladder?

The HCPL is composed of pickleball players looking for competitive matches and meeting new players of similar ability.

How are the matches scheduled?

We tell you WHO you’re going to play with, then the four of you decide WHEN and WHERE you want to play. You’ll have 2 weeks to schedule your round.

How often are the matches played?

A “round” lasts 2 weeks, meaning you have a 2 week period to schedule and play your set of games.

What is the format?

The HCPL is composed of rungs. Each rung is composed of 4 players. During a round, the 4 players find an agreed upon time and place to play. You will partner with the other 3 players during the course of the match.

You can choose to play one game with each of the other players in your group of four, OR you can play best 2 out of 3 games with each player on the court.

You can also choose to play your games to 11 or you can play to 15, if you prefer.

How are the results tabulated?

Essentially, the top two players move up one rung, and the bottom two players move down a rung. 

But all you have to do is write down the scores for each person in each game and send them to us.

We’ll do the rest!

How much does it cost to participate?


Do I have to be a member of The Summit or play my matches at The Summit to participate?

Nope! We’re just trying to connect as many pickleball players as possible.

How do I find out who I’m playing?

We’ll send you a link, and you’ll be able to log in and get contact info for the other three players in your rung.

Then it’s up to the four of you to schedule and play your games!

Where do I start on the ladder?

We’ll do our best to place you at your level.  After a couple of rounds if we see you’ve been placed too high or low, we’ll adjust your placement accordingly.

What if I can’t play for a few weeks?

No problem, just let us know that you’ll be out for the next round. When you’re available again we’ll put you back on the ladder.

Ready to Join?

Call us at 828-532-5442 or email grant.williams@thesummitpb.com and we’ll get you going right away!