Lots of ways to get league play!


We have weekly 50+ and All Ages leagues.

Weekly Ladder Leagues

Ladder leagues are super easy because you don’t have to have a partner!

You just register and come. You’ll be assigned to a court with three other people who are roughly your same level of play.

You partner with everyone on your court once, and record the scores on a scorecard we give you.

At the end of your three games, the two people on that court with the highest total scores move up to a court with a higher level of play. Then you just repeat the cycle two more times.

Our ladder leagues generally run for 6 weeks. To join, just download the Court Reserve app, get any membership (including the free Bronze level). Then you can register for a ladder league!

High Country Ladder

The High Country Pickleball Ladder is long-term, asynchron0us (you schedule it at your own convenience), and playable anywhere. It costs $10/year to play, and you can get more information about the High Country Ladder here.

Family Ladder Leagues

Our family ladder leagues run just like our regular ladder leagues do. Any two family members can team up to play. Kids are welcomed and encouraged!

You’ll play a match, then move up or down a court depending on the result to get new matchups.

We typically run Family ladder leagues on Sundays.

Team Pickleball

Team Leagues at The Summit are similar to the ones run by Major League Pickleball (MLP).

Each team consists of four players of varying skill levels. You don’t have to bring your own team! Once you register, we set the teams up for you. We’ll be sure to sort them so that the league play is competitive.

A match consists of four doubles matches. Each player plays two matches (with pairings determined by the team captain).

If the score is tied 2-2, the match goes to a tiebreaker.

Seasons run for 6 weeks, followed by playoffs.

Team pickleball is a unique league that offers a great balance between social and competition.

Friday Frenzy

Our Friday Frenzy ladder leagues are just like regular ladder league play except with rally scoring. So someone gets a point at the end of every play, no matter who serves. It’s fast and fun!

We generally run Friday Frenzy ladder league on Friday night from 6-8 pm.

Doubles League

This is regular and mixed doubles just like you know and love. You choose your partner and sign up, then we do the rest.

We offer Women’s, Men’s and Mixed Doubles, both 18+ and 50+, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced (as much as we can, based on who signs up each time).

Mixed doubles seasons run for 6 weeks, and you’ll play a Round Robin schedule against teams of similar skill, with playoffs at the end.

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Questions? Call us at 828-773-4516. And get in a league!