March Moneyball Blitz

General Information

The Summit is an indoor facility with 6 dedicated pickleball courts, 2 warm-up dinking kitchens, and a bar/lounge area.  Tap here and scroll down to see pics of our place.  We are located at:

278 Industrial Park Drive
Boone, NC 28607

By email:
Deadline – Monday, 3/18

List of Registrants
-Skylar Warren, Nathan Geldmeier
-Dave Meagher, Perry Wang
-Aaron Israel, Adam Pflederer
-Kayla Nesbitt, Stephen Demeney

Sunday, 3/24, 10a-2p

-Mens Doubles: max 8 teams

1 round robin group, 1 game to 15, all teams feed into a double elimination bracket

Open Prize Pool – Team Payouts
4 Teams
-1st: $360

6 Teams
-1st: $360
-2nd: $180

8 Teams
-1st: $360
-2nd: $240
-3rd: $120

1 team: $90 per individual
2 teams: $180 per individual

Venmo or your credit card on file if you are a member of The Summit
Due at the time of registration


This is Boone, winter weather is in play.  Our propane heaters inside the facility have held up just fine in zero degree temps.  We are fortunate to be located just a quarter mile off of Hwy 421, which is well maintained.  In the event of iffy road conditions we may have to delay start times and/or shorten formats (i.e. change our round robins to 1 game to 11 instead of 15).  In the unlikely event that weather causes us to cancel the tournament, we will give credits to future Summit tournaments, which we hold monthly.