May Moneyball

General Information
The Summit is an indoor facility with 6 dedicated pickleball courts, 2 warm-up dinking kitchens, and a bar/lounge area.  Tap here to see pics of our place.  We are located at:

278 Industrial Park Drive
Boone, NC 28607

By email:
Deadline – Monday 5/20

Event Formats, Start Times, List of Registrants – tap here

Saturday 5/25
 – Start times to be announced after registration closes
Womens & Mens
-3.5: max 8 teams
-4.0: max 8 teams
-Open: max 16 teams

Sunday 5/26 – Start times to be announced after registration closes
-3.5: max 12 teams
-4.0: max 12 teams
-Open: max 16 teams

All divisions are guaranteed round robin play feeding into bracket play.  Final format will be set after all entries are in.  The goal of these tournaments are to get you as much play as possible, as efficiently as possible!

$45 registration fee
+$10 for each 3.5/4.0 event played (so $55 to play 3.5 men’s, $65 to play 3.5 men’s and mixed)
+$45 for each open event played (open costs more to generate a prize pool that goes back to you)

Venmo (@thesummitpb) or your credit card on file if you are a member of The Summit
Due at the time of registration

Open Prize Pool

These are minimum payouts, we will boost these if possible based on total entries.  Our goal here: to put together high level tourneys with lots of play that are worth your time.

3.5/4.0 – Core
Open – Dura

All paddles must be on the USAP approved list

The Summit is owned and operated by pickleball players.  We’ve played in a bunch of tournaments and know what works and what doesn’t.  You can count on as many round robin matches as we can fit in followed by bracket play, and that we will run things efficiently – we keep our courts full and no sitting around for hours waiting for your next match.  Hope to see you here!  Email me with any questions.